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Uses of Norco (Hydrocodone): What is Norco is prescribed for?

Unlike most opiates, Norco (hydrocodone/APAP) has lesser amounts of the acetaminophen content. This makes the cheap Norco tablets stronger than their other hydrocodone/APAP counterparts. Lesser acetaminophen makes it possible to administer higher doses of the hydrocodone with Norco without the fear of acetaminophen overdose or poisoning. It is thus widely prescribed or moderate to severe pain cases.

It is used for both short term pain treatment like surgeries and injuries and for long term pain treatment like cancer cases, migraines or other debilitating pain. The narcotic component in it makes it rather susceptible to abuse and Norco addiction. At times, doctors recommend off-label Norco treatment to deal with coughs or cases of insomnia. There are no proven studies of Norco effects on children therefore are not recommended under a certain age group.

How Does Norco Drug Work?

Norco is a combination drug which has hydrocodone and acetaminophen in it. The hydrocodone, very similar to codeine, is a semi-synthetic narcotic which makes Norco an opioid pain reliever. Hydrocodone is only available in combination medicines in the US. It is great for treating pain as well as severe cough but its intake may lead to mental confusions, mood swings and drowsiness.

Acetaminophen is common medical component for many OTC drugs like the Tylenol. It is a pain reliever as well as a fever reducer. The acetaminophen enhances the effect of hydrocodone and makes Norco work well as a pain reliever for all kinds of pain cases. One has to be careful about not crossing the acetaminophen daily limit since overdose may lead to sever toxicity. This limit however also works well to reduce hydrocodone abuse potential and risk.

Norco (Hydrocodone) Medication Uses with Children

There are no proven tests for Norco drug effects on children. This is why it is administered only for adults. Ask for medical guidance for Norco use on children.

Off-Label Norco Uses

Off-label Norco uses are meant for treating conditions other than pain. At times doctors recommend these for treating cough or insomnia. However, most physicians do not consider these off-label Norco products as legitimate since there are many other effective medicines to treat these conditions.

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