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An Introduction to Norco (Hydrcodone) Side Effects

An opiate pain medication, Norco is taken for moderate to severe cases. Like all other medicines Norco too has its side effects. But not everyone feels them or even if they do they all do not feel the same way. Some feel minor effects while others feel them more strongly and for a longer time. The differences felt depend on the patients' constitution, body chemistry and metabolic rate as well as other medications take at the time which may interact with the drug.

Norco (Hydrcodone) side effects are usually mild but if the intake is combined with other substances the effects could be more severe. Some of the common side effects include dry mouth and nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. While taking inexpensive Norco meds one should avoid alcohol, herbal and vitamin supplements, and other prescription drugs which may clash with Norco causing adverse reactions. You can make more informed choices about your daily drug and nutrient intake if you read the information that comes with the prescription medicines. They not only inform about the drug but also warn about possible drug interactions. Take the medicine exactly as prescribed and you will hardly feel any side effect.

All the side effects are not listed here. Consult with your doctor for a more detailed picture.

Common Side Effects of Norco

The common Norco side effects are mild but can affect your daily routine. Some of these are:

  • Nausea, most of the time accompanied with vomiting.
  • Constipation and stomach pain
  • Lightheaded feeling
  • Dizziness and Drowsiness

Often, patients who feel nauseous after taking Norco or any other narcotic pain reliever, think they are allergic to the drug. Even if you feel this way it is minor side effects and not an allergy and you can easily take this medicine, even if you had felt nauseous in the past.

Most of the time, it is an initial manifestation and disappears with time. Try and take the medicine with your and not an empty stomach. This will help reduce the nausea.

Serious Side Effects

Serious side effects from Norco intake are rare. But if they do occur then you must report the same and seek medical guidance right away.

  • Constipation and abdominal pain
  • Liver problems and damage signals
  • Slowing down of heart rate and erratic breathing issues
  • Mental problems like constant fear, anxiety and confusion
  • Problems in urinating
  • Severe soporific effect
  • Hypotension
  • Adverse allergic reactions
  • Compulsion to take Norco more frequently or in higher doses even without the pain.

Final Thoughts

Some people feel the side effects and some don't. If you have not taken Norco before there is no way for your doctor to know if you will face any adverse reactions. This is why it is important to let your doctor know right away if you do feel any of the above mentioned side effects. Even if you feel it is nothing serious but still feeling a bit 'out of sorts' inform your doctor and let him/her decide and diagnose the problem. Avoiding the problem may worsen the situation.

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